Grow Where You're Planted

Grow Where You're Planted

Grow Where You’re Planted
It’s no secret that the world we live in today presents unique challenges that most of us have never experienced in our lifetimes. Forced to distance ourselves from the world, we must live and work in ways that are challenging and uncomfortable- well besides the work from home dress code. As the pandemic continues, far longer than most of us anticipated, “Grow Where You’re Planted” seemed like the perfect concept for our spring launch. I wanted to share what’s happening inside our store, for all of you who may not be local and get to see it. 
Floating Floral Install
Our windows are always a challenge. We don't have typical displays that are in a window section to have items propped up to be seen by the street only, our window displays are full platforms. The best way to use this space that we have found is to make it an area that both serves as a window display and an interactive place to shop. For Spring 2021, we decided to create a beautiful hanging floral structure that gave us the feel of sitting under a pergola, taking in the spring scents. Which is exactly why you’ll find our warm weather candle collection here as well. 
Terracotta Succulents
Nothing says “grow where you’re planted” quite like a succulent. These babies are hard to kill and know how to make it through with minimal care. Maybe they should be the poster plant for 2020? Stayin’ alive anyone? You can get our empty terra cotta pots online, but we are reserving the live plants for our locals!

New Products
If I had to choose a favorite product for this season, I'm not all too sure that I could! We have new scents, new sweatshirts, and new botanical print signs. (I must admit, I'm extremely excited about those!) My hope is that with every turn in our store or with every click of the page, we can show you something that will bring joy into your home!
In the Garden
We are hosting items now that will bring you joy indoors and out in the garden as well. Our collection of barebones gardening tools are incredible high quality tools. I happened upon them last year online at Magnolia Market and can’t believe how amazing they are. Kinda crazy that me and Joanna Gaines sell the same pruners. I’ll pretend that makes us friends with great gardening tool taste!
I hope spring has you as excited as it has us. 

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