A Year of Change

A Year of Change

So much can happen in a year. When you take the time to reflect on what your life looked like a whole 365 days ago, what is different around you? At Blair Made, this past year has shown endless changes. 

Last year at this time, we were in our third floor historic studio that overlooked downtown Staunton. Every day started with a climb up the many many stairs with me and our part time employees in and out. I found myself both making signs and in the nitty gritty of running a business. I was overwhelmed, and under-inspired. We were still playing catch up after I was out due to losing my mom and everything with the business was overwhelming. The beginning of last year was HARD. I mean.. 2020, need I say more?

It would be laughable to tell myself then what all would incur through the next 12 months. I could sit and type the month by month process, but honestly- dropping it in big chunks shows exactly what it felt like to me.  We were blessed to bring on a full time employee who has been a game changer for our business (A-Cash, love you). We OPENED A STORE. I mean what? Who opens a store in a pandemic? Also, since when do people like me open a store in general? We were also able to get a piece of machinery i've had my eye on for years- it's a pretty big deal. In the realm of my life, it's second probably only to landing the amazing husband I did. All of these are simply game changers for our business. I find myself looking around, and compared to last year, everything is new. It's scary, to be honest. I Miss the quiet studio overlooking downtown, but now I find myself hosting a place to welcome people on the streets I used to watch. It's surreal. We are grateful for the events of the past year, and can't wait to see how things look in another trip around the sun.


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