PIPPY - Olive Branches Greenery Fresh Olive Tree Branches 3 Bunches

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Signifying peace and healing, the olive branch makes a beautiful, down-to-earth complement to your DIY centerpieces or bouquets. These wholesale branches feature smooth, silvery leaves on laterals for a dimensional look in any rustic arrangement. Olive leaf branches are some of the trendiest fillers for rustic flower themes and can be employed in cascading bouquets, hanging centerpieces and table centerpieces. Try styling these greens with deep reds, whites or purples for that ever-popular antique aesthetic. The delicate tapered shape of the olive branch leaf creates an almost ethereal appearance in any floral design and is perfect for achieving a dreamy and whimsical DIY flower arrangement. Thanks to the hearty nature of this green, you can enjoy the vibrant greens and delicate leaves throughout your entire wedding without fear of wilting or fading. Before adding your olive branch to an arrangement, make sure to remove all leaves that will fall under the water line before you begin t